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  • Hush Puppies

    Hush Puppies

    The world became a little more relaxed in 1958 when Hush Puppies created the first casual shoe. Hush Puppies was designed for the shifting American families’ culture of a conservative uniformity to a comfortable, casual way of life.
  • Sebago


    Sebago® represents authentic product and timeless designs. Our original, handsewn Docksides® boat shoe and Classic beefroll penny loafer haven't changed since we first crafted them decades ago.
  • Cushe


    Cushe is set to immerse itself across a number of genres, having its foundation in music and sports. Cushe is making a statement in urban environments, looking to get active with the outdoor life and taking influences from surfing and board sports to street art.
  • Bucketfeet


    BucketFeet exists to celebrate self-expression and connect people through art. A different artist designs every item we produce, giving each customer an original story and style.
  • Petite Jolie

    Petite Jolie

    Petite Jolie exists to untangle fashion. Petite Jolie is in the opposite way of those trends that command girl’s wardrobes.
  • Sprayground


    Sprayground was started by NYC designer DBD. It was originally created as a backpack company for street artists to easily transport spray cans and has now evolved into a collection of original designs by DBD and friends.
  • Esperos


    Esperos came to life shortly after its founder, Oliver Shuttlesworth, witnessed the debilitating effects of extreme poverty on children in Central America.
  • French Sole

    French Sole

    French Sole was founded in 1989 by shoe designer Jane Winkworth. With a passion for ballet and ballerina style shoes and with a background of art, painting and design, Jane decided to set up the first ever “concept” company selling only ballet style footwear.

About Us



Shoemaker’s Shop Inc. was incorporated in June 1994 to serve the growing needs of the Hush Puppies brand in the Philippines.  Hush Puppies, represented by its lovable icon the basset hound, has since then been providing high quality and comfortable casual footwear all over the world. The company’s management teams, who are also the directors of the company, personally attend to all aspects of operations to ensure quality work, quality products, and quality people.

With a well-established chain of stores nationwide, strategic brand-building, and an aggressive marketing and business development approach, we continue to experience unparalleled development amidst an increasingly competitive industry.